Dad knows best!



So it was really warm a week ago…like, REALLY warm!
And then, just like my dad said (“be careful of the frost”), it got cold….like REALLY cold! Like, “wow, is that hail?” cold.
Yup, that’s right.  It was the middle of May and it hailed. So, when someone who has been gardening for decades says, “don’t plant yet”, you listen.
As you can see, these tomato plants were planted after the frost warning (but survived the very cold temps we had last week!).
As you can see, the chives (planted last year) are doing so well.  I bought a single plant and separated it into individual chives (being careful not to tear at the root system).  I thought that I could get a better crop if I separated the plant into small portions.  If it did’t work, what the worst that could happen? I spend another $1.99.  The next 2 rows are spring onions, red onions and white onions.  The next row are swiss chard, eggplant and celery.  Behind them are some of my tomatoes.
Last year, I went to the local farmers market (not for veggies…because I have enough of my own!), but to look around.  I love to support the local artisans who make honey, ceramics and other awesome things.  I overheard a tomato farmer telling one of her customers to save used eggshells and dry them out.  Then she said to crush them and sprinkle them around the base of your tomato plants.  The shells feeds the plants remarkable nutrients – and was she ever right!  I had the best tomato crop last year.


You can see the eggshells here.  As you water, they will dissolve and distribute.  You may have to re-apply but it’s totally worth it!
I spoke to a local farmer/nursery owner, and I asked about something I saw on Pinterest (it said to place a whole egg and a fish head under the soil where you plant your tomatoes).  He said it is true…especially the fish carcass.  He told me that is why salmon swim upstream to die – their bones send all of the nutrients down stream to the new babies and help with their growth…isn’t nature incredible?!?

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