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How exciting is it when you find something new in the garden?  I’m pretty sure that most people who plant things feel the same.  And…I’m pretty sure that it’s because we are so busy doing our day-to-day stuff that usually doesn’t involve getting our hands dirty and uniting with nature (I know…corny…but true), that the gratification of growing something from the ground up, is unreal.  When Michael Pollan talks about cooking, he said “we are drawn to the rhythms and textures of the works cooks do, which seem so much more direct and satisfying than the more abstract and formless tasks most of us perform in our jobs these days.  Cooks get to put their hands on real stuff, not just keyboards and screens but fundamental things like plants and animals and fungi.  They get to work with primal elements like fire, water, earth and air, using them – mastering them – to perform their alchemies.”  I believe farming/gardening falls into the same category.  Well said, Mr. Pollan.  Well said.


Remember how I left an outside border on the perimeter of my fenced vegetable garden? Well, I still have some empty spots, so I thought I would transplant some of my herbs that I have planted in other parts of my yard. I moved most of my perennial herbs over (thyme, oregano, sage…and even the ones that take over like mint and lemon balm). I also planted some purple basil and parsley.

Look at how beautiful these chive blossoms are!! I love to put them on top of salads (usually reserved for company…my kids are not fans of flowers in their salad). I wonder how I could preserve them? Gotta Google that!

I know these are Iris’s…they come up every year and, even though they don’t bloom for long, the leaves stay firm (more than I can say for tulips!)

The first poppy to open! It looks like they are in a race…there are tons of green little balls ready to open. They will be glorious when they are all in bloom!

Okay….so do you want to know something? I am very forgetful. You know those little tags that you are supposed to keep beside the plants you plant so that you remember what they are? I don’t do that…and then I don’t remember. I think this is a rose bush…but I’m not certain. Anyone out there who can help?

I had some beautiful orange daylilies (I think they were wild) that lined my driveway when I moved here but now only a few are left. I loved that burst of colour so I planted some in the front beds.

Alright…long purple thingies… It will come to me, I promise! These bring such wonderful colour to the beds and I found out last year that if you cut back the flower (and leave the green so it still looks nice), it will have another growth!
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  • Tina Cesaroni
    April 13, 2014


    Tina06/09/2013 6:25am
    You knew Suzie… That’s a shrub rose!

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