First Pick of the Season!



I read somewhere once that “gardening is cheaper than therapy…and you get tomatoes” – brilliant!!
How therapeutic is it to pick that very first vegetable you grew, perhaps from seed?  Then, to bring it into your kitchen and create something with it to satisfy your hunger – how amazing that we can do that!
Yesterday, in the midst of rain and wind (and then finally sun), I picked my first little bit of home grown goodness…spring onions, swiss chard and beet tops to put into a frittata – yummy!  These onions are an early crop (spring onions or green onions that you get at the store) so you can enjoy them while you wait for the red or yellow onions to grow.


You can see where the frost damaged some of the greens in the garden. I picked them and removed the brown bits. Then I cut the rib (tough center part) into 1″ pieces and the remainder of the leaves into strips. In a pan, cook the rib pieces in some olive oil and then throw in the onions (cut into similar sizes). I have both coloured (red and orange) and green swiss chard. When the rib pieces and onions get soft, add the leafy bits and cook til they wilt.

These are my beets, which are not ready to pull. But the beauty of beets is that you can use the beet tops and stems the same way you you chard and spinach…and it imparts a beautiful red colour…try it in risotto to get a pretty pick colour. Add this to your onion and chard mixture and then throw in some beaten eggs and you have frittata…instant dinner in five minutes.

I had to take a picture of my tomatoes…they look so healthy and now I see new flowers everyday! That means lots of tomatoes this summer – I have my fingers crossed!

The beans are climbing…

Sunflowers I planted on the outside perimeter of the garden but I haven’t had the best of luck with these….try, try, try again…

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