Eat your Greens!



This will be a short post but I just wanted to tell you how easy it is to eat well when you have a garden!
Constant growth has begun and everyday, it is easy to get into the garden, pick a few things and make your dinner.Today, I picked a few stalks of green and red chard (check out “what I’m cooking” later today to see what I did with it!) and some arugula for my salad.
It took, literally, 5 minutes to pick and an extra 5 minutes to prep….like I said, easy!
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  • Tina Cesaroni
    April 13, 2014


    Tina Cesaroni06/25/2013 7:45pm
    I agree…easy!!!!!
    I made swiss chard (fresh picked) and potato omelet today!!
    Wow for me!
    BTW I drank the steamed water from the chard…yum!
    Suzie Durigonlink06/26/2013 4:31am
    Aren’t you a smart cookie!
    Good for you for getting all of that vitamin goodness into your diet. I usually use it as a soup base but straight up is a better idea!! 🙂

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