Growing like crazy!



The weather has been pretty crazy the last month and, although we may not be loving it (especially if you wear business attire during the day and are attempting to look cool and “unmelted”), the garden is thriving!
With all of this rain, we really don’t have to worry about what happens when you miss of day of watering.  Then, add in the heat and enough sun to encourage growth, and you get fantastic gardening results!
I don’t remember that last time I had so many zucchini flowers…and the rest of my plants look as if they are on some sort of growth hormone.  Just take a look…..


First potatoes!

At this rate, I might have to start climbing to find Jack!!

First tomatillo…really early this year compared to last!

These are my scarlet radishes…the radish greens are thigh high! This is crazy considering we started them from seed just last month!
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  • Tina Cesaroni
    April 13, 2014


    Tina07/09/2013 7:24pm
    Looking forward to a zucchini loaf recipe!!

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