Chiffonade…fancy for slivers!



There are times where you look at a garnish and think, “wow, that looks pretty…must be hard to do”.  This technique is probably one of them!
Chiffonade, which is french for “slivered”, is a term that lends itself to many things in the culinary world, but the most popular is basil….especially when using lettuce leaf basil (the name for the broad-leafed variety).
This is the first of many tips that I will be posting on my site…tricks to help you navigate your way through the kitchen with ease!


Take the basil leaves off of the stem and wash is cold water quickly. Place them on a clean tea towel and blot with a paper towel

Pile the leaves on top of each other….

and roll it up like a cigar.

Start slicing, with a back and forth motion, until you come to the end (remember to tuck your fingers in…will show you in another post)…my thumb is definitely not in the right position but I was actually not cutting during this photo – the knife was resting on something while I took the picture with my other hand 🙂

and, voila!

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