Lentil Dip with Baked Spicy Tortilla Strips and Tzatziki



I have a big pot of stewed lentils (see last post) in my fridge…and with this unending heat wave, boy, am I happy!  I can create a dish, yet again, without turning the stove on!
I took some of the bean mixture and processed it in the food processor until it was smooth.  I grabbed a few small shot glasses and placed a few spoonfuls into the bottom.  I put another spoonful of olive tapaenade on top (I make my own with capers but Presidents Choice makes a really good one) and then I finished it with a dollop of store bought tzatziki and these great crispy sticks (I found 2 tortillas in the bread drawer so I sprayed them with cooking spray and sprinkled them with paprika and some smoked garlic I had bought -you can use anything – and cut them into strips…then I baked them at 400 for about 7-10 minutes).

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