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This past Thursday, I was invited to participate in a great community event called Growing Change Field Supper. This event was a dinner held at Black Creek Community Farm, which is a 7 acre site situated between Black Creek Pioneer Village and York University.The project was being led by Everdale, which is a “a farm-based charity with 15 years of experience growing food and providing hands-on, solution based food and farming education to children, youth and aspiring new farmers”.  To learn more about this great organization, go to
This was the first I had heard of this event and, with my interest in local, seasonal, artisanal food, I was all over it!


People came from all over to enjoy different types of food and stroll around the farm to ask lots of questions!

The menu boards were so cute and totally in line with the farm feel of the evening…

I helped two of the most awesome (and cutest!) culinary students from Liason College, Amanda and Lorilei, make the dessert for the evening….orange scented apple strudel with candied orange slices, freshly whipped cream, caramel sauce and mint…all organic!  We made the actual strudels at the college and then made the cream and did final assembly at the farm.

You can see Lorelei hard at work…it was a piece of cake (literally) until everyone finished dinner…then the word got our about our dessert and it was hard to keep up!!

What a great cause …and what a yummy dessert!  Farm to fork indeed!!
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  • Bridget Ryan
    April 9, 2014

    Bridget ryan07/30/2013 12:55pm
    Loved the dessert. Wonderful presentation!!
    Suzie Durigonlink07/30/2013 1:00pm
    Thanks Bridget…it was a great event and a wonderful cause. Hope I can help again next year!

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