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This is what my counter top looks like every day for the month of September…full of veggies.
Although that may sound enticing, it gets overwhelming when I can’t deal with the onslaught of growth quickly enough.  Veggies start to wrinkle and age before I can even figure out what to do with them.  This morning, I just took the tomatoes you see here (the equivalent of 10 or so medium tomatoes), those small peppers from my mom’s garden (not hot, just tiny), a couple of zucchini from her garden as well, 3 long eggplant and some spring onions I found lurking under some leaves in my garden bed.  All I did was rough chop them (I peeled the eggplant, but peeled nothing else) drizzled with oil, seasoned with salt and pepper and roasted them at 450 for about half an hour.


This is before they went into the oven…

And this is when they came out…still smoking hot!  You want a bit of charring to get that smokey flavour.  Throw them in a blender, add about a half a cup of water (just swish the water in the roasting pan to clean out all the goodness and add to the blender) and whiz away until smooth.

It will look like this (I use a Vitamix which is pretty powerful and crushes even the seeds…if you want it totally smooth and you don’t have a Vitamix, use a food processor)…It won’t be red in colour (it will be more orange) but it is super flavourful!

Pack them in snack bag size Ziploc bags and freeze.  They should be in 1/2 -1/3 cup portions.  Use them to enhance the flavour of a tomato sauce (if you make a quick sauce this will give it the flavour that it has been cooking for hours); add chicken stock and it will make a lovely soup; or just add it to a roast while it’s cooking with a bit of red wine to really give extra depth to your dish.
Whichever way you plan on using it, it is an awesome way to use veggies that might otherwise find their way into the green bin!!
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  • Rosina Cesaroni
    April 13, 2014


    Rosina Cesaroni10/09/2013 8:02am
    Enjoying your blog!
    Where did you buy the ginger chili and garlic paste?
    Suzie Durigonlink10/09/2013 5:39pm
    Thanks so much Rosina!
    I’m pretty sure I picked it up an an Asian market but I will be the store I am thinking of on Monday so I will let you know!

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