Roasting Cauliflower


This is the time of year when, if you have a garden, you are scrambling to make the most out of everything that is coming from the garden.  The problem is, it comes so fast that you don’t have time to deal with it all (I will be posting an awesome recipe to deal with some of this “overgrowth” on my cooking tab later today!).  The other problem is, you totally forget about any produce you may have purchased at the store!
My family loves cauliflower so I buy it often (I haven’t had luck growing it).  But, I found 2 heads that I had purchased in the back of my fridge (if cauliflower had feelings, theirs would have been severely hurt for leaving them there that long!).This is kind of a recipe and kind of a tip but it is so easy, I thought I would put it here…think of it as a tip on using veggies that have been neglected!
Roasting cauliflower is honestly the simplest way to cook it and it tastes oddly like popcorn if you eat it hot out of the oven!  Try it soon since cauliflower is still relatively cheap now!


Take the leaves off of the cauliflower and trim off any dark spots (which you will have if you’ve neglected them!)…they will look like this…

Cut them into bite sized pieces and drizzle with a couple of glugs of olive oil (a couple of glugs = 1/4 c…sounds like a lot but you need it to roast well!) and generous sprinkle of sea salt and freshly ground pepper and roast at 400-450 for about 20 minutes

It will look all golden like this…total yum!  And when your family sees how yummy this is (and a pretty healthy alternative to potato chips), they will come running when you say it’s almost done..
And, just so you know, I ate 2 whole heads by myself in about 20 minutes.  Thank God nobody was home…either way, as a mom, I have to lead by example and eat my veggies!NOTE:  if you don’t feel like eating it right away, throw it in the blender and add some chicken stock and a swish of cream…instant cauliflower soup!

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