How to Freeze Ripe Peaches

 Aren’t peaches in season one of the best things you can eat?  Honestly, I have the world’s biggest sweet tooth but nothing rivals the sweetness of a perfectly ripe peach.  I bought a case of peaches a few days ago (12 large peaches) and at $6, it was a decent price so I thought I would try my hand at canning.  But then I figured if I was going to go to the trouble of canning, I should probably do a bushel.  So, as I cut one open to eat it, it literally fell off of the pit…how beautiful!

So, this is what I did with a small case of peaches…
Cut each peach in half along the natural line and twist it open to reveal the pit!


Cut each half again so you have 4 quarters and then cut each quarter again lengthwise and then cut each length into 3 or 4 pieces (that makes for nice bite sized pieces).  As you cut, collect them in a large bowl, scoop them (in my favourite measure…2 cups each because most muffin/quick bread recipes ask for that much) into Ziploc bags and freeze for whenever a peach fancy hits you:
1. for the freshest peach cake you will ever taste
2. for an awesome smoothie in the morning
3.  for the best peach cobbler recipe (that I posted last week)…just use 3 bags because it calls for 6 cups….you get the drift, right?  For about 1/2 an hour of work, you have 14 cups of the freshest peaches at your disposal!
You will thank me in February…trust me!





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