Make your own Bread Crumbs


How many times have you thrown away perfectly good bread because it’s not soft and nobody will eat it?
Sometimes, I will even toast a really good bagel and then nobody wants it…I hate that!!  What am I going to do with a perfectly good bagel that is now rock hard?I keep a paper bag in my pantry (really important that it isn’t plastic because plastic might retain moisture and cause mold).  Keep it in a dry place (in a corner, away from any moisture – dark and dry is ideal).

You can put anything in here; the ends of your bread loaf, half bagels (as long as there is no butter on them), crackers, etc…

If possible, cover it with another paper bag or cover it with a tea towel because it will take a while to dry so you don’t want dust or anything else to get into the bag.  And, considering this is stuff that would have gone into the green bin, isn’t it nice to know you have just made something from nothing??


Put the bread in your food processor (break into small pieces)…

Pulse to coarse crumbs or….

Small crumbs….

Just throw it in a jar and keep in your pantry.  If you have lots, put some in a Ziploc and freeze it until you need it!  Awesome, no?

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