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Howse your eating been lately??
Mine has been “okay” at best.  You see, I get into this funk every year at the end of summer.  I assume I will feel great by summer’s end because, hey, with all that fresh summer produce, who wouldn’t eat better (and maybe lose a few pounds!)??
But, I always forget how much I love food.  No, really.  I totally forget that when I entertain, I eat and drink way more because I am so happy to be spending time with people I love (and in my life, food = happy and happy = food).  I also forget that I am a mindless eater.  I am obviously surrounded by food all the time so I eat without even thinking about whether I want it.  Now, it isn’t potato chips or candy bars that I reach for, but mindlessly eating a tray of butter tarts is probably not a good thing either, right?  Last night, I was going through one of the many blogging sites that I follow and I found this over at
Andrew, who runs this site has a challenge that proposes that you eat no processed foods through the entire month of October.  Now, for some of you, that might be a horrific thought.  For me, most of my diet is unprocessed but I live in a house with 4 other people and I often find things in my pantry that were bought because someone else wanted them, but somehow find their way into the bottom of my belly.
Like these:


My husband’s favourite store-bought cookie…when I’m thinking about what to make for dinner, munching on one sometimes brings clarity (not really, but whatever)

How about these?  I grabbed these for my 2 university kids to take back with them and they somehow managed to stay back with me.  Not a totally bad snack but, like the post with my protein bar recipe, it is still pretty processed and kinda like eating a chocolate bar.

And this…well don’t even go there…I’m not sure how this ended up in my cart…maybe I thought I could use it to sandwich it between 2 homemade cookies.
Okay, forget it….you know I’m totally lying.  And, don’t even look at the ingredient list…it is just so wrong…But, during the month of October, I will promise to be mindful (because I have just joined the challenge and promised, online, to be a good girl) and I will reach for things like this instead:

Quinoa, that good old staple.  Keep some cooked in the fridge and use it for a bunch of things:  add some browned onions and garlic and serve as a side dish instead of rice; or throw in an egg, some kale, feta and onions to make some patties (look for my quinoa patties recipe); or just pour some pure maple syrup over them and eat it instead of oatmeal.

How about plain old veggies?  Sometimes we don’t grab for these because they seem so “ordinary”.  But, that means that you are thinking of snacking as a treat, right?  And, our snacks would be better if we saw them as nutrients and fuel for our bodies. But, the reality is, it’s just seems like too much work.  A snack is quick and raw beans and eggplant is definitely not quick.  But, maybe we need more planning.  Par boil these beans and put them in a baggie and they can go with you as a snack just like an apple.

And, I always forget about these.  You might think I’m nuts, but I love prunes.  I just ate this whole pile while I was typing this post…my digestive tract will thank me later, I’m sure.  They are crazy sweet if you take the time to savour them  And that, ladies and gents, is the problem…time.  Let’s, for the month of October, promise to take the time to eat a more natural diet.  You decide what “unprocessed” means to you (don’t make it impossible to stick to…like coffee is processed but not having coffee would just be a really, really bad idea).  Today is October 1st….won’t you join me??
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