A Visit to Another Garden!


Sometimes it’s nice to visit other people’s gardens to see how they grow things and maybe get a few pointers.
Yesterday, I went to visit my mom and thought I would start here to show you the difference between some home gardens.
She is a natural when it comes to growing things.  When I got married, she would make me these beautiful potted plant arrangements for my new home and I would kill them and return them to her to see if she could fix them (which of course she would, and then she would return them to me nice and healthy…and then I would kill them again and the cycle would begin all over again).  So, it’s safe to say she knows exactly what she is doing when it comes to the garden!

It’s October and her greens are beautiful.  Here she has some late lettuces that she planted just a while ago and her kale is gorgeous!
And look at her beans!  My stalks are dead and hers are so green (and we literally live 5 minutes from each other so I can’t even blame a difference in climate).  Now, her beans probably won’t grow much but at least they look pretty.
And anyone who has tomato plants in their garden knows that this is how plants begin to look at this time of year…the tomatoes are still attempting to turn red on the vine (although, often times, you may have to ripen them in their final stages indoors) but the plants look pretty sad 🙁
These are bushes and bushes of baby peppers – not hot at all, just small (finger size).  Soooo many…..
Look at this swiss chard…still growing strong!
My dad built an indoor greenhouse to grow his fig trees…my mom even has a small papaya and avocado tree beginning to grow in here!
These are cabbage worms (that’s what I call them…I’m sure they have a proper name but they always infest cabbages).  This one didn’t get to do it’s damage before we caught him!!
I’m so embarrassed…I thought my cabbages were good but, wow, my mom’s are huge!!
And the best part?  Look at the stuff I came home with!!

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