Stracciatella: Italian Wedding Soup

Have you guys heard of Italian Wedding Soup?

Well, it’s basically an egg drop soup with mini meatballs!

It’s super delish and simple to make…except for the mini-meatballs.

I love the traditional soup with the meatballs but, I’m not gonna lie.  It takes a bit of time to make them teeny weeny like they are normally served.

As a kid, we had this all the time because it was super fast to make and uses things you almost always have in your kitchen.

If you have a great meatball recipe (and if you don’t, check mine out here!), go crazy and make a batch.  Fry them up and add them to the soup before serving.

But I like mine sans meatballs!

Stratiatella: Italian Wedding Soup

This soup is something that almost every Italian household has when you don’t have much in the fridge and everyone is starving!

It takes about 10 minutes and I am positive that all of you have this stuff in your pantry or fridge.

Give it a shot!

6 c stock (homemade chicken is best but veggie or beef will do and store bought is fine but look for low sodium)
1 c pastina (small pasta shapes like small stars, circles, or anything that will fit on a soup spoon)
2 eggs
a small handful of fresh parmigiano (about 2 tbsp)
salt and pepper to taste
a small handful of thinly sliced greens (chard or spinach is best but kale or even hardy lettuces will work)

1.  In a medium sized pot, place stock on high heat and bring to a boil.  Season the stock with salt to taste.  Add pastina and bring to a boil; cook until al dente (not mushy) about 5 minutes.


2.  In a small bowl, beat the eggs, parmigiana, salt and pepper.  Once it is mixed well, pour in a few tablespoons of the hot stock to temper the eggs and mix quickly.  Now pour this egg mixture, in a steady stream, into the pot of stock.


3.  If using, place the greens into the pot with the egg mixture and stir once or twice; leave the soup for a few minutes and wait for the eggs to set.


4.  Don’t panic if the eggs look like they are in a big clump:  once it starts to cook, take a whisk and whisk the mixture well.

Stracciatella: Italian Wedding Soup

5.  Taste again and season if needed.

Nothing better than a hot bowl of soup to make you happy on a cool night!

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