Measuring and Storing Flour


I use a lot of flour (I thought I’d tell you in case you haven’t noticed yet).
I have most of my baking goods, like white sugar and brown sugar, in larger containers with wide openings so I can scoop them directly out of those containers into my mixing bowls with a dry measure.  These generally hold about 10 – 15 cups and sit nicely on my shelves in my pantry.
But I buy flour in 10-20kg bags so I need a larger place to store them.  I removed a shelf from one of my cupboards and bought a large Rubbermaid container (I think it is supposed to hold rolls of wrapping paper).  It is easy to pull out and scoop from and makes my baking a heck of a lot easier. I wasn’t using this cupboard very efficiently, so I thought I would convert it for my flour storage (I keep bread flour, pasta flour, rice flour and other flours in their original bags on the side of the unit).  It works like a charm but you don’t necessarily need a whole cupboard.  The beauty of this container is it’s slenderness…you might even be able to tuck it into a corner.
I know many of you may think having this amount of flour is crazy, but if you do a lot of baking, it may work for you.


Just slide out the container, flip the lid open and scoop as needed (I bought a cheap set of dry measures at the dollar store and just leave the one cup measure in the bin)

It is easier to scoop and level so you get the right amount.  Never, ever use a wet measure (a measuring cup) to measure dry ingredients.  The measure is totally different …

And, just to show you that I’m not crazy, this wet measure shows what 3 cups of flour measured with a dry measure looks like (if you used this measuring cup to measure, it would be totally off).
Remember, baking is more of a science than cooking is…it’s always wise to follow the rules when you bake (at least until you get comfortable because, eventually, you will know what a teaspoon of baking powder looks like in your hand!)

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