How To Store Extra Bacon


So, you wanna try a recipe…
It’s gonna be awesome…some bacon flavoured concoction…
But, wait!
You only need 2 slices of bacon…arghhhh!!
Not that cooking a whole package of bacon, just because, is a bad idea (just so you all know, bacon is one reason why it would be hard for me to become a vegetarian).
Well, don’t fret.
Now you can make that recipe, and save your waistline…

Take the amount that you have left over and roll them like this…
Then stand them on their sides (it will be easier to remove a few rolls at a time).

Now wrap them up loosely in plastic wrap and then put the lot into a Ziploc bag.  When you need a few slices, you can just break off what you need.Now that’s a good idea!


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