Organized Baking…for the holidays!




To some people, the holidays are stressful because of many things; finishing off work schedules as the year comes to an end, shopping for gifts in crowded malls, cleaning our homes because this is the time of year people visit, entertaining more than usual, cooking because you are entertaining more than usual, baking for gifts and company…

Sound familiar?

Well, I’m not sure how much I can help you with cleaning and shopping, but I might be able to make baking a bit less tedious.

Every so often, you will find these plastic drawer units on sales at a few of your local stores.  I picked one up a few years back (at Canadian Tire for $29!) and it graces my kitchen for the month of December.  How is this going to help you keep up with your baking?

This is how…

Start “thinking” about baking in the first few weeks of December, and begin to make a wish list of what you would like to bake for the holidays, arranging the goodies in order of how perishable they are.  If you begin with the least perishable first, you can start baking the second week of December with things like biscotti (which last for weeks).
If you can get your head around it, you can make a batch of dough while you are getting dinner ready and bake it off as you clean the dinner dishes….after all, this is about trying to make this less stressful so getting a batch in here and there would be optimal (the last thing you want to do is spend a whole Sunday baking when you have a million other things to do).  Because you want to keep these biscotti dry in order to keep them crisp, you can simply store them in these drawers and they will keep for weeks. Here is the recipe for these case they look yummy to you!
Next, you can make things like sugar cookies and shortbread…cookies that don’t dry out (chocolate chip cookies wouldn’t be made until a few days before they are being used).  I was in a biscotti baking mood…these are cornmeal with dates and almonds…mmmmm!
Fill it with a variety of baked goods as the month goes on and you will end up with a huge amount of goodies to share with your loved one!
Now, cover the drawer unit with a tablecloth and nobody will ever guess what is underneath it!  And, whenever you have guests, or are running out to make a visit, you can remove the tablecloth, take out a tray and fill it with a beautiful assortment of goodies.  Now, if you can just find someone to clean your toilets and scrub down your kitchen, we will all be happy campers!!

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