2014 Summer Garden: Planted

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The baby geese are growing like crazy…that means it’s finally summer time!

The garden is planted and the next few weeks will be spent taking time to look after the plants…making sure they take off.  It’s really not a lot of work – especially with raised beds (they are far easier to weed!!).

Look at some of the stuff that went into the beds…



IMG_20140603_185116 (1)


The ice storm did a number on my grape vines this year.  For those of you that may not remember, these grew from clippings that a really good friend of mine gave me from his dad’s 30 year old plant!


IMG_20140603_185109 (1)


These are seeded cucumbers…they will give me cucumbers later in the summer (hopefully!)


IMG_20140603_185124 (1)



These are the cucumber plants that will grow first and give me cucumbers soon!


IMG_20140603_185130 (1)


These are beets…they are tiny but soon they will give me beautiful beets greens that I can use in frittatas and even salad.  Then I can harvest the beets in the fall!







I bought yellow squash instead of green…totally by accident!  I prefer green but we will see!!




I always plant jalapeno peppers because they are easy to grow and we love them stuffed with goat cheese and wrapped in bacon.




I found this purple kale which is going to be great when I pick the tender leaves for a salad!




This is radicchio.  It is the only lettuce that I don’t seed because it grows all summer long and then wraps into a tight ball and is picked in October.  It needs time to grow so it is better to buy it as a plant!




This is swiss chard…my favourite green!  If it grows as well as it did last year, I will have enough to freeze and use into the winter!!




And this is the rainbow variety of chard…beautiful!!




These are red onions…I also planted yellow onions!  And, to make sure I don’t get overly anxious and pick the onions before they are ready (which is closer to the end of the season), I also plant spring onions that I can pick in a few weeks!




I usually plant a few celery plants.  They tend to be more tough than the store bought variety but they have such a strong celery flavour so they are great in soups and stocks!




I planted 8 apple trees about 4 years ago.  Last year was the best crop…apples all fall and enough to peel, slice and freeze to use for many pies and crisps throughout the winter!  This year, they look like they have about a million flowers (which means a million apples…okay, maybe not that many!).  I had an early infestation of worms but I think I got rid of them!  Fingers crossed!




Yayy…more rhubarb!!!




My raspberry bushes have a huge amount of buds…that means lots of raspberry jam!!




My tomato plants are all staked and topped with crushed eggshells.


What I didn’t take a picture of?  Potatoes (lots of them courtesy of my dad..he loves potatoes!), climbing flat beans, climbing soup beans, bush beans, green peppers, mini eggplants, chives, spring onions, carrots, asparagus, red and black currants, strawberries, lavender, cammomile, lemon balm, mint, thyme, oregano, basil, rosemary, parsley, cilantro.


Let’s get the summer started!!!!