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I’m not sure if I am more sensitive at this time of year (with all the resolutions and stuff) because I was an “excessively chubby” kid and the thought of yet another attempt to shed a few pounds makes me feel like Jack Nicholson at the end of The Shining (I can hear the voices in my head already).

So, for as much as I love this time of year because it means a fresh start and a feeling of “I can do anything”, I tend to selectively ignore any new diet that comes my way (believe it or not, I drove by a medical clinic yesterday and the sign outside said “lose 24 pounds in 24 hours…honestly people, really??!)

Now, that being said, as I age, I am trying to let go of any preconceived notion that we all need to fit into some cookie cutter body (although some days are harder than others…being a woman…a woman who was a fat kid….a woman who was a fat kid that cooks for a living).  But the good thing about aging is that it imparts wisdom where your life needs it most.  I know that as I have gotten older, these things make my body feel better:

1.  Drinking lots of water/watery food (and I know I am not supposed to count coffee or wine here).
2.  Watching my portions (arghhh…very tough for me….I can out-eat anyone).
3.  Being careful of consuming too much sugar and gluten (and, although I make almost all of my own baked goods, these two food groups would make up 97% of my diet in a perfect world).
4.  Eating slowly and being mindful when I eat (I think that means not scarfing back cold leftovers in front of my computer!)

So, how am I going to change?  Well, I’ve decided my new years resolution (or I should say, my “new life” resolution) is to be good to myself.

And if that means just taking time to make better choices and slow down when I’m eating, then it’s all good.

Talk about a good segue??

The ball started rolling after I received this book…my kids bought it for me for Christmas (they know that my all-time favourite gift is a new cookbook!).  Now, I have to say, I am not a fan of any celebrity chef (unless they actually ARE a chef).  Nope.  What I’m talking about is a country singer who suddenly know more about cooking than Julia Child…come on!
I was a bit skeptical when I saw this book on the shelves last year.  But I realized, as I flipped through the book, that Gwyneth Paltrow had collaborated on a few things relating to food (the one that I saw was a documentary on Spanish food with Mario Batali…she is pretty knowledgeable).  I read that she had discovered some health issues and was forced to change her diet, but refused to eat bad food. She enlisted the help of a friend who is a chef and they created this book.  I have to say…it is quite good (although I think there are far too many pictures of her in it!).I glanced through some recipes and saw some items that, although I’ve seen around, I haven’t cooked with yet.
One of them was quinoa flakes.  Now, I love quinoa (check out my quinoa patties and my chocolate quinoa cake recipes).  But I haven’t used the flakes and I thought I could substitute them for my oatmeal (even though oatmeal is not unhealthy!).
The other thing she talked about was coconut water.  I have tried coconut water…I’m not a fan.  I think it has to grow on me (kinda like caviar, right?  ‘Cause who likes caviar the first time they eat it?).  But, Lucas, my son’s soccer teammate drinks it all summer (it is a natural electrolyte, so he is a smart boy drinking that instead of those horrible, brightly coloured sports drinks).  I figure, if he can do it, so can I.
But how about chocolate?  Maybe I can start there and evolve into the plain one (btw, my daughter loves this drink!).
The next thing I was on the hunt for was brown rice syrup.  I have seen it around as a substitute for honey (when you need a sweetener without the distinct taste honey gives you).
And, can I tell you?  This stuff is so good!  First I licked my finger when I opened the jar, then I dipped a knife in it too see how syrupy it was and the I found myself reaching for a soup spoon…did I tell you I have portion control issues?So, off I went to make my breakfast this morning…yummo…
1.  Boil 1 cup of almond milk is a small pot; when it is boiling, turn off the heat.
2.  Put in 1/3 cup of the quinoa flakes;  give it a good stir and cover it for 5-7 minutes (remember, off the heat).
3.  Put it in a bowl, slice a half of a banana on top and drizzle with the brown rice syrup (I’m sure you could use honey or pure maple syrup in a pinch).  And the good news?  I ate this at 9am and wasn’t hungry until 2:30.
For me, that’s huge!
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  • Jenn Hayhoe
    April 13, 2014


    Jenn01/12/2014 11:39am
    YEAH!!!!! Do we have a new healthy breakfast option other than eggs and oatmeal? You are the best!! I cannot wait to try it. I have made some good smoothie options that I can share with you.
    Always love reading your posts, I always hear your voice as I read through your blog. xo
    PS. going to get brown rice syrup…STAT!!!

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