Two Ways Quickly Ripen Your Avocados


Have you ever just totally craved some guacamole?  And have you ever just totally freaked when you reach for your avocados and they are rock hard?  Arghhhhh!

Don’t panic…we’ll get those avocados nice and soft.  How you ask?  Well let’s try this first:

1.  See the picture above?  Well just grab yourself some ripe bananas and throw them in a paper bag (that’s right, like an old-fashioned lunch bag) and close it up.  Store it for a few days in a dark place and the gases emitted from the bananas will help speed the ripening process.

Oh, you have no bananas, you say?


2.  Well, then grab your avocados and wrap them in foil (individually)…


…like this

Turn your oven on at about 250 and place them avocados in the oven for about 20 minutes.

Wow…your avocados are still not perfect (or you only have about 4 minutes to make guac?)??

3.  Take them out of the foil (or just start here with your whole avocados) and place them in the microwave.  Heat on high 30 seconds at a time – checking for softness each time (they might begin to get a bit brown…don’t worry).  Check their “readiness” by pushing firmly with your fingers.  They should “give” a little (should kinda feel a bit harder than room temperature butter).


Scoop the flesh out and, mash with the back of a fork…



…like this.

Still in a hurry?  Throw in some salsa (good sub for chopped tomatoes) and a squeeze of lime…


And you got yourself some pretty mean guac!


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