The Fastest Way to Section an Orange

Have you ever seen those lovely orange section in your salad and wondered how it’s done?

Okay, maybe you haven’t…whatever.

I just wanted to tell you all how to section an orange!


1.  Take an orange and cut off the two ends like this.



2.  Now, put the orange on your cutting board like this and, with a sharp knife, cut down the sides like this (sort of going around the curve of the orange to get the most out of the orange).  Just make sure you get the pith (white part) off because you want the flesh of the orange exposed to make sectioning easier (the pith is also bitter so you don’t want any of that on the orange).



3. Continue all around until you have removed all of the peel.



4.  Holding the orange in one hand, cut in between each section with a knife on each side until you get to the middle (leaving only the skin).



6.  You will be left with beautiful sections.  If you are using this in a salad, take the skin that was left behind after sectioning, and give it a squeeze into your salad bowl (why leave all that goodness behind??).


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