Shucking Corn

I love corn but hate shucking it because of all that stringy stuff (or silk) that you have to fight with when you peel it.

But, lookie here!

If you grab your corn and walk over to your microwave, that’s the first step to fuss free corn:

1.  Put the whole cob, husk and all, into a microwave and cook on high for 3 minutes.

2.  Remove the corn from the microwave with a clean kitchen towel and bring it to your cutting board; cut off enough of the bottom to reveal the niblets and release the peel.

3.  Grab it tightly and squeeze from the top with the towel to push the corn out (if it doesn’t release as easy as you would like, push a knife or skewer into the cob and pull out while you are squeezing).

4.  Eh voila…le mais en epi…better know as corn on the cob!


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