Quintessential Autumn Soup: Fall Vegetable Stew Soup



What is that rumbling?

Oh, it’s your stomach?

Oh, you’re hungry?

Oh, you have nothing in the fridge and 4 minutes to get a meal together?

I got ya covered!  With a little bit of forethought, you will have a tasty, tummy filling soup in minutes!


2 cups ratatouille

5-6 c stock (homemade or store good quality bought)

Salt and pepper to taste


1.  If your ratatouille is frozen, defrost it.

2.  Put the ratatouille in a blender or food processor.




3.  Add half of the chicken stock and blend until it is smooth.  Add as much of the chicken stock as you like (to the consistency that pleases you!)




4.  Heat in a soup pot; season to taste and serve.

And, if you have a couple of extra minutes, make a grilled cheese sandwich, cut it into strips and serve along side (or on top) of the soup.


pssst…I put a thin slice of leftover meatloaf in my grilled cheese sandwich…life changing!

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