Boozy Ferrero Rocher Affogato

There’s nothing like a light show to get a party started, right?

How about a light show with some booze on the side?


I’m trying to get you all to start thinking holidays, parties, fun times and friends…and what better way than to have a signature cocktail at your next gathering?

This is kinda half drink, half dessert and a whole lot of awesome in one glass.  An affogato, which is essentially a scoop of ice cream with a shot of espresso, is always a nice treat in the summertime.  But if you prepare it like this, it’s a party in a glass.



1 shot espresso (or a small amount of really strong coffee)

1 smallish scoop of good quality vanilla ice cream

chocolate syrup

1 shot glass of Creme de Cacao

2 Ferrero Rocher chocolates

1 sparkler (not mandatory, but oh so necessary for a party!!)


1.  Get your shot of espresso ready; set aside.

2.   Remove the 2 Ferrero Rocher from their foil wrapping; leave one whole and chop the other.

3.  Get your martini glass out and grab your chocolate syrup.  You can use syrup like Nesquick syrup that you would use on top of ice cream…or  use whatever chocolate syrup you have…just add milk to water it down until it is “drippy” enough to drizzle down the glass.




3.  Pour a couple of tablespoons into a bowl and circle the rim of the glass through the chocolate.




4.  If you would like more of a drippy effect, brush some extra syrup on the inside of the glass (better that it drips on the inside, right?)

5.  Now, turn the glass right-side-up (the chocolate should start dripping) and place the scoop of ice cream into the bottom (push it down so it is pressed firmly to the bottom of the glass)


6.  Pour the espresso on top of the ice cream and pour the shot of creme de cacao on top of that; sprinkle with the chopped chocolate.

7.  Pierce the whole Ferrero Rocher with the sharp end of the sparkler and push it into the ice cream.

8.  Working quickly, light the sparkler and serve.

Woooot, woooot!!!!!!

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