Party Essentials: How to Make a Table Favour

Wanna get your craft on?  Are you looking for a cute idea for a table favour??

Grab yourself a tea bag (a used one is better!) and these cute little boxes (found ’em at the dollar store) and create away!!




Making sure the tea bag is still wet, dab the entire box until it looks antiqued (I even found these cute little cherub heads that I used the same technique on)..




Keep dabbing…




Almost there…



You can see the difference …it gets a really nice “old” hue.

It even works on bright white material that you want to soften (like painter’s cloth)…just put a bunch of tea bags into a shallow bucket and soak the material in it.  Then wring out and air dry…it will be beautiful!!

Now, fill the boxes with some basket filler (you know, that crinkled paper you get in a basket – yes, I save mine!) and pop a couple of Ferrero Rocher chocolates in them.  Add a name tag and they make the cutest surprise for your guests!!


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