When you Don’t Have a Baker’s Dozen: Filling your Cupcake Pan



Maybe this isn’t going to be one of those life altering pieces of information, but here goes…

Sometimes, when you’re whipping up a batch of muffins, you decide to change things up a bit and add more ingredients or double the recipe only to find out it doesn’t make an even dozen or two.

What do you do now?  Is it okay to leave some compartments empty?

Although it’s may be perfectly fine, it’s always better to fill the empty compartments with water.

This will avoid extra cleanup (if you use cooking spray and haven’t cleaned it all off from your last batch, there’s a chance it might get all gooey in there …and it’s a pain to get off!).

The other reason is that the steam that comes off of the water creates a bit of moisture in the oven which will sometimes (depending on your recipe) give you a nice crunch on the top of the muffin (and extra moisture in the oven is almost always a good thing).

Give it a try!

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