Bruleed Strawberry Nutella Brioche Sandwich



So, the other day, I was making breakfast and I, because I had scored some really great day old challah bread (unsliced is the best!) the day before, I thought I would make some french toast.

But french toast just seemed so “meh” … maybe I could stuff it and “french toast” it but I didn’t have more that 3 minutes to make this so it had to be quick and stuffed french toast wasn’t going to cut it.  As I was cutting the loaf into nice thick slices I envisioned that awesome challah as toast slathered with butter…oh my, I could taste it as I was slicing.

Then I thought, what a great sandwich this would make…

Tadahhhh…lightbulb moment!

Let’s make a breakfast sandwich (well, it’s not really only breakfast worthy…I could totally scarf one of these back as a midnight snack!).  I started thinking all Nutella, strawberries, crispy, sugary, gooey….

And, that is how the Bruleed Challah Nutella strawberry Sandwich was born.



1.  Slice yourself up some challah bread (you could use regular sliced bread but it won’t be as good)…or try it with brioche, or panettone, or even store bought pound cake.

2.  Grab a jar of Nutella, some butter from the fridge, some strawberries and the sugar bowl.


3.  Spread both sides of the bread with Nutella.


4.  If your strawberries are sweet, cut them up and lay them on one side (if it’s not strawberry season and they aren’t as sweet as you would like, macerate them in a bit of sugar – that means, leave them in a bowl with a touch of sugar and a sprinkle of water and let them get all sweet and everything).

5.  Close up your sandwich and set it aside.

IMG_20150312_115859 (1)

6.  If your were making a grilled cheese sandwich, you would spread some butter on the outside of the sandwich and place it in a pan.  But, I want the butter to brown a bit (it gets all nutty and everything!) so I put about 1 tbsp of butter in the bottom of a pan and cooked it until it gets brown like this above.


7.  Place the sandwich in the pan and brown it; flip it over,  and brown the other side.


8.  Add about another tsp of butter to the bottom of the pan and sprinkle the top of the sandwich with about 1-2 tsp of sugar; flip it over and brown (it will start to caramelize!); repeat the process on the other side!!

9.  Cut it in half so you can really see the wonderful breakfast you have created, pour yourself a big glass of cold milk and get busy!



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