Kitchen Basics: What to Do with and Abundance of Onions




Lookie here…

A beautiful breakfast plate with a crispy fried egg (really important in this dish to get it crispy), some melted cheese on the side (think of it like the butter you dig into on the side of your bread plate) and a side of roast turkey, cherry tomato and minced onion hash.  Splattered with some chipotle hot sauce and your tummy will be doing the happy dance all morning.

Aaaand, the idea for it all started with the humble little onion.



Do you have a boatload of onions?  Are you like me and, when you see a ginormous bag of onions on sale at the grocery store, you buy them thinking, “heck, I’m gonna go through that bag in no time”?

Then they mysteriously start to sprout…ughhh…

Well, you can make a big pot of french onion soup, or you can make a huge batch of caramelized onions or onion jam, or you can make a killer breakfast like the one we made above…

Or, you could just whip them up in the food processor (yes, you can mince them by hand but why shed all those tears unnecessarily?) until they are minced and store them for another time.

Oh, yes you can!!!



Remove the skins, cut them in half (or quarters are even easier) and pulse away.



When you’re done, scrape them into a big freezer Ziploc bag and flatten it out (make sure you squeeze out all the air but keep in any onion juices!!).  Label it and throw it into the freezer.



Now, you won’t use this in a salad (the onions won’t hold their shape and will be a bit soggy when they defrost), but if you need half an onion to start a sauce, just take out the bag, snap off a piece of frozen chopped onion and throw it onto the pot.  All of those beautiful onion juices will melt and the onions will begin to brown before you know it.


Go ahead…dig into that dish you just made.

Flavour party in yo mouth!  And it all started with the humble onion!!



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