How to Make The Fastest Coleslaw Ever!




It’s Cinco de Mayo!

Okay, so you made some awesome stuff to eat like these fish tacos, but you forgot about some fresh coleslaw to top them off.

Don’t fret…check this out:


Grab one of these packages (it’s basically shredded cabbage and carrots).



Add some more shredded carrots (check out this post to see how you can get them into these smallish pieces).

Add some Italian salad dressing (you can use store bought or this balsamic dressing), a glug of white vinegar (which is what gives coleslaw it’s distinctive taste) and a tbsp or 2 of something creamy (I used some tzatziki I had in the fridge; you can use sour cream, plain yogurt or even mayonnaise).





Mix it all up and leave it at room temperature while you make the rest of your dinner.

Eh, voila…the closest thing to coleslaw in minutes!


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