Kitchen Hacks: How to Use Leftover Juice for Flavoured Water Cubes


Do you have some juice hanging out in the fridge that nobody’s drinking?  How about some lonely berries in the fridge?  Or the freezer?

Well, waste not want not!  Let’s take these ingredients and make them into something healthy!  Is it really hot out and you want a quick cool down in popsicle form without sacrificing calories? Or,  how about wanting a new way of getting flavoured water without the fuss?  Well, get your ice cube trays out (or these great cube trays from Ball canning which can be used in so many ways!!)

Take out your trays and fill them with the juice (if you like, you can add smallish berries – it looks pretty in a glass) and place in freezer.

Pretty huh?


If you want some flavoured ice pops, freeze the trays for about 15 minutes and then push in a long toothpick and place back in the freezer until completely frozen.


When they are done, pop them out of the trays and place them in large Ziploc bags and use them as you need them!


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