Kitchen Hack: How to Waffle Your Pie Crust



Waffling is all the rage.

I’m sure you’ve noticed.

First, we were putting everything in the pannini press…now it’s the waffle iron.

Tortillas, sandwiches, pizza, pound cake…

But how about pie?

Okay, maybe not a whole pie…or even a piece of pie (I sure wouldn’t want to be the guy cleaning that waffle iron!).

But what about pie crust?

Well, I tried it.

And it was spectacular!


So, here we go…




Make a batch of Martha Stewart’s chocolate pie crust.

Form the dough into a small rectangle and cut into pieces that are 2″ x 2″ (like above).

Take one piece and squeeze it flat (you don’t want to roll it here because it will all apart) and place it into the waffle iron (or you can use a pannini press) and squeeze down.  Let it cook for a few minutes (take a peak after a minute – if it’s browned, it’s done).




This one, above, was done in a Belgium waffle iron…you can use a regular waffle iron too.




You can lay one on a plate, spoon a few tablespoons of fruit sauce, a scoop of ice cream and another pie piece as a lid.




For mine, I cooked down a cup or so of frozen blueberries with a tbsp of brown sugar until it thickened (if it doesn’t thicken, use a bit of cornstarch)




If you want to try waffle cups, make sure the pie dough is flattened more (this is where you can use a rolling pin…but dust it with a bit of cocoa powder so it won’t stick), and when it’s done in the waffle iron, gently lift it and place over the back of a bowl (gently press it down and wait for it to cool)…




This is what it should look like…



Scoop in some ice cream, and top with some fruit topping  (this one was frozen peaches with butter and brown sugar).

Now, go find that waffle iron you’ve never used ’cause we are bringing a whole new meaning to waffling!!

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