Autumnal Cocktails!!!!

So I made some squash simple syrup in my last post and I’ve been playing around with it and putting it in everything…seriously…it’s embarrassing!

The best thing?  Honestly?


Halloween cocktails, autumnal cocktails, warm cocktails…this stuff is ridiclous!

So head on over to my simple syrup recipe and whip up a batch.  You can put it in a pretty jar and give it away as gifts (and who wouldn’t love a jar of this goodness with a bottle of good rum and some recipes for killer cocktails?) …


Or why not take a hollowed out sugar or pie pumpkin (the teeny ones) and fill it with my All Hallows Eve Potion:

1 oz rum

1 oz simple syrup

1 tsp cream

1 oz Disaronno

dash of cinnamon

  • put all ingredients in a shaker cup, then add 3 ice cubes and shake; strain into the pumpkin (or a pretty glass will do!) and top with whipped cream or ice cream. Sprinkle with cinnamon.


How about a Autumnal Affogato:

1 scoop vanilla ice cream

1 shot espresso

1 oz coffee liqueur

1/2 oz squash simple syrup

  • place the ice cream in an espresso cup.
  • pour over your liqueur and drizzle with simple syrup
  • pour over your espresso and drizzle with additional syrup if desired



More inspiration from the web…

This Vampire Blues cocktail is a sexy adult halloween drink!  Check out Serious Eats for the recipe!


Vampire Blues

How about a Pumpkin Spiced White Russian?  Head on over to The Weary Chef for all the details!

Pumpkin Spice White Russian Cocktail

If you’re out on the town and want to treat yourself to some flavours of the season, check out this post on Toronto’s best Autumn Inspired Drinks and where to get them!!

Do you have any to add?  Drop me a line and let me know!!!


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