12 Interesting Ways to Make the Most of Fall

I love fall.

I loooooove fall.

I reaaaalllllyyy loooove fall.

So now that you know how I feel about this season, I thought I’d pull together a few autumn friendly dishes for you to throw together.

Let’s get cooking!!

Because it’s my favourite course, let’s start with dessert!  It’s still apple season so why not whip up a batch of these oh-so-cute apple pie cookies 

But, if you’d rather just make an apple pie (’cause isn’t that always the best kind of pie??), here are step by step instructions!!

Or how about a tray of these apple crumble bars?

Or an apple almond turnover?

If you want a healthier dessert that screams autumn, why not try this version of pumpkin muffins??

How about a non-dessert, healthier, sugar free alternative?  look at this roasted carrot salad …it’s loaded with kale so it ranks right up there in the healthy category!!

And this chipotle soup is right up there too!!!

And if you have leftover squash, here are a bunch of recipes you can use!! Like these amazingly easy egg yolk ravioli which can be “fallified” by adding a spoonful of squash puree to the ricotta filling.

And, I’m not sure what part of the world you are all reading this from, but here in Ontario, the weather feels like we are still in the middle of summer.  So, if you have also been graced with amazing autumn weather, then why not fire up the barbeque and make a burger board?  Pile on some grilled patties (and, what the heck, throw on some grilled chicken thighs too!), veggies, different breads and toppings…then open up a bottle of wine and call everyone to the table.

And, if the strawberries are still ripe but the weather is cooling, dip them in orange chocolate melts and find some autumn themed sprinkles, and voila!!! Instant sweetness…

Finally, once the holidays are over, take that big, ol’ pumpkin off your porch, roast it up, puree it and then cook it down (with a bit of brown sugar) until it becomes almost caramel like…sooooo good!!

What are you all waiting for?  Before you know it, the snow will start falling and we will be smack dab in the middle of winter.

Don’t tell me I didn’t warn you!!


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