Why You Should NEVER Make This Healthy Blooming Onion Recipe {and an honest conversation about blogging}

Weird way to start a blog post, right??
Well, this one has been a long time coming.
And, when something happened this week, instead of a recipe, I decided to tell you all about why you SHOULD NOT make this weeks recipe.

What You Don’t Know About Writing Blog Posts:

I’m not sure how many of you know this, but it takes me (and most food bloggers) a while to write a blog post.

I would say, it takes longer than most people think. It may look like I whip up a tasty dish in the kitchen, snap a photo and then throw it online with a few sentences for good measure.

But, the truth is, this is really what writing a weekly post looks like:

The Art of The Post…

1. Conceptualize: Find out what is either trending/seasonal/local and figure out what my audience might want and what I’m going to make {about 1 hour}
2. Research: Once I know what I’m making, I need to do some research. Sometimes, I use a family recipe, but more often than not, I need to come up with a new recipe. And, regardless of what some people here may make you believe, this research takes a while. I look at people who may have made a similar dish before, compare at least 8-10 recipes, do some background on where it came from, find out if there is any cultural connection, and then see if I can also add a alternative – maybe a healthy spin. {about 2-3 hours}
3. Make Sure I Have the Ingredients: If I don’t, I need to whip out and buy the ingredients {1 hour}
4. Make the Actual Dish: This may take an hour. Or it may take 5…it depends on what I’m making. For arguments sake, let’s find a happy medium {2 1/2 hours}
5. Style and Photograph the Food: Now, I don’t consider myself a food photographer, so my timing is far less than some food photographers out there. But, by the time I find my props, set them up, portion the dish, take a few shots and then edit the shots, it takes more than a few minutes {1 1/2 hours}
6. Write the Blog Post (and make sure the SEO is good): For those of you that may not know this, there is a reason we (bloggers) don’t just put the recipe up here with a pretty photo. There is a rough ‘magic’ number when it comes to how many words should be in a post, how many links you have in a post, how many photos are in a post (and if they are tagged properly), where keywords are placed…all these things will make your post rank higher in a google search. And for those of you that don’t know, that’s what SEO (search engine optimization) is all about. That’s why there is always a story here on the blog – but also, I like to talk 😉 {4 hours}
7. Publish your Post and Put it on Socials: This takes more time than you’d think because once you’ve hit ‘publish’ and your post goes live, then you have to share it to Instagram, and Facebook and Twitter and Pinterest and (sometimes) LinkedIn and (sometimes) YouTube and (sometimes) TikTok. And, it’s not just about sharing. It’s about coming up with a catchy caption, perhaps making a carousel with up to 10 photos (again, more editing) and then making sure you engage with your audience (answer all the comments!!). But also, if you’d like your posts to be seen, you need to engage with others too – so you need to spend an hour or so before and after your post goes live, engaging with others on these platforms {3 hours}
8. More About Socials: If you want more out of your posts, you should also learn Canva (an app that creates custom layouts for your photos) so you can make more “pinnable” images for Pinterest to find you and also make a few videos so you can create some reels or make a TikTok {1 – 2 hours}.

Aaaaand I think that’s it…phew!

That, people, is roughly 17 hours that it takes, every week to create content…without making a dime.

And, I love it! I really do! But, this is what I’ve been doing for 9 years…every week…because I want to create content for all of you.

But, when things go wrong – and they do – it can put a damper on everything.

What Happened This Week?

This week, my theme was Superbowl snacks.

And my blogpost was going to be a Copycat Blooming Onion they make at the Outback Steakhouse. But, when I looked at the original recipe, I thought, “I can make this healthier”.

And trendier…I’ll use the air fryer.

So I researched a bunch of recipes (6 to be exact) that look like yummy versions of what I was thinking.

Based on everything I found online, I put together what I thought would be the best recipe. Then I gathered all the ingredients…


Prepped all the onions (this took way longer than I thought)…


Made a few alterations (I realized I needed to add more oil) all while making a huge mess of the kitchen (very normal during this process)…


Then I put it all in the air fryer.

I watched it carefully.

I took it out and tried it.

No. Just, no.

Then I thought, “maybe it needs a sauce”… sour cream, horseradish, lots of spices, a spoonful of relish (to mimic Big Mac sauce).

Still no.

I even styled the photo.


Tried it again.

Yup. A hard no.

Most days, this would mean I go back to the drawing board and start all over.

But today was different.

Today, I thought, would be the day that you all (finally) understand that, if I miss a blog post one week, it’s probably because I had a miserable fail in the kitchen and I just didn’t have another day in the week to make something else.

And that’s okay. We all learn from our mistakes.

I just wanted to be transparent about this process.

But, what I hope more than anything is that y’all like what I’m giving you here because you do feel like my family. It feels like (when I push that publish button) I’m bring my finished dish to a long table that you are all sitting at and my heart is so big knowing you will love what I made you.

But some days, you might leave the dish under the broiler for a few too many minutes and the dish can’t be saved so y’all just laugh and have a big bowl of cereal.

So, I guess my question today is…

Would you rather have cornflakes or Rice Krispies?

  • Pat
    January 27, 2022

    Well done You work so hard and I must say I appreciate all you do 100 percent Thanks so much Wish I could do something for you !

    • Anne McIntyre
      January 31, 2022

      I know how hard you work and it’s really appreciated, I get so many ideas and just love following you and your adventures and misadventures too! You keep it real and you make me smile every day💕when I see you walking Benny I feel bit guilty I’m not getting my exercise but it soon passes 😜
      I didn’t know how long it took to do all this!Wow! And you still smile💕

      • Suzie Durigon
        January 31, 2022

        I just adore you!! Thanks Anne for always being here! Your words mean so much to me! Sending a giant hug!!!

    • Suzie Durigon
      January 31, 2022

      You DO do so much for me!! Just being here and reading is more than I could ever ask for my friend! xo

  • Trish
    January 28, 2022

    Makes me feel more human!! All good. Onwards & upwards Suzie!!

    • Suzie Durigon
      January 31, 2022

      Onwards and upwards indeed! We all need to show more honesty in this space…after all, if I’m the professional here and I make mistakes, it’s my job to tell you so that YOU can learn from MY mistakes too!! Thank you, always, for your support!! oxo

  • Sandra Wong
    January 28, 2022

    Ahh I’ve never noticed this comment section!😂
    Wow Suzie! Just wow! I had no idea how much work it takes to do what you do. You’re amazing and I so appreciate all you do to share all you know. Your personal touch makes us all better bakers and cooks, and better people too. Thank you. ❤️

    • Suzie Durigon
      January 31, 2022

      AHAHAHA! Well, I guess we’re learning more than food around here 😉
      Thank you, as always, for your support here and for your lovely words! You always know what to say!!

    • Maribeth
      January 31, 2022

      Good heavens!! I had no idea this was the process. I appreciate you even more! And all with keeping your amazing sense of humour. I don’t like cereal though, would toast be ok? 😎💫💖💫

      • Suzie Durigon
        January 31, 2022

        Ahahahaha!! Toast would be my choice too!!! 😉

  • Heather Jelley
    January 28, 2022

    I am a retired teacher/math consultant and one of the most powerful statements I learned and passed on frequently to my students is “if we never made any mistakes, we’d never learn anything new”. Mistakes are good, they push our thinking, they give us new thoughts and ideas. It is a hard concept to help students understand but once they give themselves permission to make mistakes the learning is so much more powerful and the thinking goes so much deeper.

    • Suzie Durigon
      January 31, 2022

      I agree completely Heather! I’ve been teaching for more than two decades and that has been my moto…90% of what I’ve learned in my work is through failure! It’s unfortunate that more people (especially in this space) aren’t more transparent about making mistakes. It just make those of you that are learning more fearful to fail. Thanks again Heather!!

  • katy
    January 29, 2022

    Slow clap. I have a post just like this about a cauliflower pizza crust that was also, No, Just no. I still have ptsd but I did go and dig the carboard out of the trash, styled with pepperoni and peppers and shot that b/c my close will be something about which would you rather have pepperoni on cardboard or pepperoni on cardboard?

    • Suzie Durigon
      January 31, 2022

      Ooooo now I need to go check it out! I was just saying that I wish more people were honest about failure…it’s so important when you have an audience!! Hope you’re well Katy!

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