Careful of the Frost!

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It has been absolutely beautiful this past week…bright blue skies, hot sun, birds chirping, people wearing summer gear…

Well, that quickly changed yesterday as rainfall (much needed, of course) brought some cooler weather.  Now, cooler weather is fine – especially when you want to spend hours planting and digging – but it’s really cool…really!

There is a good chance of frost tomorrow.  This is why, most of us who live in Ontario know better than to plant before the May long weekend (they say it has something to do with the moon or something).  But, every year, when that crazy burst of “hotness” teases us with the idea that “this year will be different”, some of us (yes, I have done it too) plant far too early.

My dad came by this morning to trim my grape vines (he knows better…if he saiys it’s time to trim, I believe him).  He brought me some plants from a friend of his who owns a nursery.  He says the eggplant are fine to plant but maybe not the tomatoes or the zucchini…if he says so, I believe him…I’m old enough to listen to him now 🙂


My dad, planting white and red onions (apparently, those are safe to plant now too!)…right beside my beautiful chives (came up from last year)

How he plants his onions…on their sides!!