Easy Soft Yolk Ravioli

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This ain’t no ordinary ravioli…


First of all, it has a runny egg yolk in it.

How great is that?  It’s like having an oozing fried egg for breakfast, but having it in pasta…drenched in brown butter…topped with freshly grated Asiago cheese…drizzled with truffle oil…and having it for dinner.

No really?  Come on!

Second, it is really easy.  I am totally serious!  I know you’re thinking, “there is no way I am going to all that trouble of making fresh pasta, just to have these incredible ravioli”!  But wait…you don’t have to…



1/2 pkg wonton wrappers (you can freeze the other half or keep it in the fridge…as long as it’s sealed, it has a pretty good shelf life).

1 container (400g) ricotta cheese

1/4 c grated asiago or parmesan, plus a bit more for finishing the plate

1 tsp each salt and pepper

3 egg whites

6 – 12 egg yolks

1/4 c butter

truffle oil (just a bit to drizzle on top…optional as always, but yummy, as always!)




1.  Get all of your ingredients together and put on a pot of water to boil.  Separate your eggs and keep yolks like this in separate plates to make it easier to insert them into your ravioli.  Be gentle as you need to keep them intact.




2.   In a bowl, mix together ricotta, grated cheese, salt and pepper and egg whites (I threw in a yolk that I broke!)




3.  Now for the easy part…yup…use wonton wrappers!  The are essentailly dough that is pre-made and individually cut.  It’s not the same as homemade pasta dough (nothing is as good as homemade!)  but when it comes to time saving pasta making, it’s pretty epic!




4.  On a floured board, separate the dough like this.




5.  Place a tbsp of ricotta filling onto each piece of dough and make an indent.  Slide a yolk onto each cheese dollop.




6.  Meanwhile, you can brown your butter – over medium high heat, cook butter until it begins to brown but watch that it doesn’t burn.  Also, salt your pasta water as it comes to a boil.




7.  Using some of the leftover egg whites (or even water), brush the edges of the ravioli with egg white/water and then place another piece of dough on top, making sure to push out as much air as possible but ensuring you haven’t  squeezed out any of the ricotta (that will make it difficult to seal); make sure you press down to tightly seal the dough.

8.  Carefully place/slide the ravioli into the pot of boiling water and cook for a few minutes.  Turn the ravioli over (yolk side down) and cook for an additional 30 seconds).




8.  Slide the ravioli into the browned butter, using a spoon to drape some of the browned butter on top of the ravioli;  cook for just one minute.




9.  Place on a plate and top with a few shavings of asiago, then top with a good grating of freshly ground pepper and a drizzle of truffle oil.





If you don’t want to do the egg yolk thing, just make them without…makes yummy ravioli!

These make a great appetizer …and it’s great thing to do in the kitchen to get your guests involved!  Why not put a couple of pans of browned butter on and get them to finish off their own ravioli?

Talk about earning your dinner!