Giving thanks….

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…for a bountiful garden that feeds and nourishes my family all while teachnig me lessons on patience, perserverance, grace and beauty.

Life is good.

And, as the night’s get colder, we are reminded that these glorious days of warmth and sunshine will soon be a distant memory…at least for another year.
And with the cool nights, the harvest changes.  Indeed, tender salad greens and spring specialties such as asparagus and rhubarb are no longer sprouting.  However, the shorter days and cooler nights give way to a whole other batch of beautiful crops.  Hearty beans for winter soups that will fill tummies….

…bags and bags of apples from our trees that will make pies for our Thanksgiving table
…..and even another bowlful of our sweet tomatoes.  Life is good, indeed.