It’s Barbecue Week in Toronto!!

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Toronto BBQ Week has begun and continues with $15 bbq meat and beer deals at 15 different bars and restaurants around the city until June 12. Wanna satisfy your carnivore cravings?  This week is definitely for you!!

The beautiful Marian Staresinic from Branding and Buzzing, invited me to join in a bbq “crawl”, eating and drinking at 3 different restaurants in the city to celebrate Barbecue Week here in Toronto!  Take a look at this flyer that has all the goodies you can try this week at some pretty epic places here in the city!

FullSizeRender (6)

First stop…Campagnolo at 832 Dundas St. West.  We started with some lamb spiducci perfectly spiced and topped with a lemon mint sauce…soooo good!  Paired with a pint of Samuel Adams beer for $15, this was a good start to our crawl!!


The lovely gentlemen from Food Tours TO, who specialize in, what else, food tours!!  Off we went to our next stop, all the while being educated on our lovely city!!


Walking through Trinity Bellwoods Park, we got to learn and soak in the lovely scenery on a crisp, but gloriously sunny evening!

IMG_3234 (2)

Next stop was Broncos at 127 Strachan Ave where we enjoyed a triple smoked BLT featuring a wonderful pork belly and a crispy deep fired green tomato on the softest bun ever, paired with some duck fat fried tater tots!!  And, again, all washed down with a cold pint of Samuel Adams!  Heaven!


Lookie, lookie!!!


And our final stop…Smoque N’ Bones Barbecue N’ Bourbon Bar!  Located at 869 Queen St. W, you will leave full and with the wonderful aroma of smoked bbq in your hair…that’s my kind of aroma!!


And here, we pigged out on pulled pork mac and cheese, washed down with, what else?  Yet another pint of Samuel Adams!  Can you say, “uh Uber please!?!?”.

IMG_3245 (2)

Take a load off and come down to the city to enjoy some of the best bbq Toronto has to offer.  Call ahead to make a reservation so you have a seat!!!

Happy summer friends!!