It’s Here: The 2014 Growing Season

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I think we can all agree that it has been a long winter….

A reaaalllllyyyy long winter…

Like soooo long that I had convinced myself that maybe we were going to go directly into fall again…so sad that my mind plays these games with me!

But, it was warm the other day…and I went for a walk…and I found blue eggs!  Robin eggs!  And a robin sitting on top of her eggs!  She just didn’t notice she made her nest on my son’s dirt bike.  He didn’t really want to ride that anymore anyways 🙂

Spring is a spectacular time to really live in the “now”…smell the smells that say “I am alive” and hear the sounds that say “we have all come back to spend time with you in your garden”!  I love the animals that keep me company as I putter all summer – digging and foraging and picking and smiling…grateful that we live with such abundance!

Let me show you what else I found:




The barn swallows are back…

Luckily they didn’t build any more nests (I had 3 nests 2 years ago that I didn’t take down and last year, they built 7 more…cause I’m such a nice person and they love hangin’ with me :)).  They are beautiful to listen to and eat mosquitos so they are uber-useful too!




Buds!!!  Buds on my apple trees!!!!  And, fingers crossed that we keep getting this awesome weather ’cause that means loads of apples again!  Fingers crossed!




And rhubarb!  If you weren’t with me last year, I had “sad” rhubarb that was not happy with its home (very slim pickins) so I dug them up and moved them.  And, this is what I saw…yippeee!  It worked!



These are my chives…I will post about these again later but if you think you are a crappy gardener, throw some of these babies in the ground.  They grow like mad, make pretty purple flowers and give you enough growth to give some away to eveyone in Ontario (like, really, I’m not kidding!).  You will feel awesome and get that ego boost you needed!




These are my garlic…or I think they are my garlic.

To be honest, I have no idea what these are.  I think I planted garlic.  I don’t remember what I ate for breakfast…you honestly think I remember where I put my garlic?



And spring is a time to experience birth in all kinds of ways – in the garden and in nature.  The frogs sing (really loudly) every night, the melody of the birds is incredible and the Canada geese are looking for safe places to lay their eggs like on top of this beaver damn…so smart!


Truly incredible in today’s media savy, fast paced world where we think we need to be connected so we don’t miss anything.  Spend a few minutes drinking in what nature is providing for free…a natural sedative to make you realx, unwind and realize some things in life are worth slowing down for!