New Growth…finally!

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The weather has been spectacular for gardening (not so much for sun bathing!).  It has been hot, humid and rainy…perfect for growing lots and lots of stuff!
In the last few weeks, the veggies that I planted are growing like crazy.  This (left) is my  4 year old grape vine.  It looked as though I had lost it (like something out of a horror movie…similar to those creepy vines that grow on the outside of a haunted house!).  But my dad said the vines were “moist” so he said “give it time…it will come”…and it did!  Soon it will be growing over the trellis and dripping with grapes!
See below for some more examples of “give it time…it will come”.


I posted a picture of this bed about a week ago and it looked so sparse. You can see the tomatoes coming along on the far right, the spring onions growing on the far left and the middle row is swiss chard (top left), eggplant (top right) and celery (bottom). I think I planted too close…happens every year!

Here you can see the potatoes that my dad planted (he is an expert potato farmer…plopping in old, sprouted potatoes he has in his cellar) at the bottom of the bed and a few varieties of beans above them. The row between the beans and the onions are radishes that we seeded…never planted them before!