Spring Planting

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It’s spring…hooray!!

Time to get out of the house, shed our coats and start planting.  But. if you have lived in Canada for a while, you know this time of year can be temperamental.

Case in point:  it was over 30 degrees this past weekend and last night it was 3 degrees.


Let’s take a look at what is growing now if you planted last year…and if you didn’t, what you can plant:




Rhubarb…this veg (which is actually used like a fruit) is so lovely and is what reminds me that summer is just around the corner.  Plant a bunch (you can usually get some from a neighbour)…take a look at this rhubarb post for some planting pointers!

And if you have some growing, go make a pie or something!!




This is my second attempt at lavender (take a look here at this post about lavender to see what NOT to do!)




Here is my mint…if you don’t want it to take over your yard, plant the pot directly into the ground to contain the roots!

Happy Mojito time!




This is oregano.  It is so good fresh in Italian dishes.  If you want to wow your guests at your next bbq, cut off a bunch and tie it up to make a great “flavour brush” for mopping melted butter onto corn!




These are my black currants…kind of bitter but really great with game dishes.




If you have a few inches somewhere, plant a few cloves of garlic in October (just plop them in and forget about it over the winter) and this is what you get in the spring!!




We planted a few tomato plants (because, you know, it was so hot this past weekend!).  Thanks goodness they survived the cold last night!




Picked up some nice lettuce and greens at the farmers market!




I planted 8 apple trees and they have given me so many apples over the past few years!  Take a look at what I made with some of them!!




And, apparently, you can forage apple blossoms and cook them (gotta do some research here!!)




And, it’s not just about the veggies…so many beautiful flowers are popping up everywhere. Like rhubarb, lilac bushes always remind me that summer is coming.

Can’t wait to cut them and put them on my kitchen table!!

Stay tuned for more planting!!