In my life, it’s always been about food. Growing it, learning about it, cooking it, and sharing it.  It is what brings us together at the table and what nurtures our bodies (and souls!).

In 2014, I started Just Crumbs so I could have a place to keep all of the recipes I’ve collected since I was 13 (waaay before the internet when you had to actually cut recipes out of magazines!).  You will find different stuff here like:

What I’m Cooking:  Literally all the food! There’s easy stuff, sweet stuff, healthy stuff, decadent stuff, re-invented stuff, gluten free stuff, complicated stuff, vegan stuff… like I said, all the food! So, when you’re curious about anything food related, you might just find the answer here!!

What I’m Growing:  We live on a farm north of Toronto and my dream of becoming a farmer is played out every day here in the summer.  I grow a good chunk of the veggies that we eat I document all of the escapades right here!!

Bake it Forward:  This is my love project that has become a big part of my life.  It’s where I show people that a small gesture of sharing food can bring so much happiness (to read more about my Bake it Forward project, you can visit this blog post, read this article in a local paper or this feature through the Food Bloggers of Canada).

I am a trained chef but will openly admit that most of what I have learned has come from that 10,000 rule…the more you do something, the better you get at it.

For those of you who want to reach me the old-fashioned way (via email) – send a quick note to suzie@justcrumbs.ca!

And before you go...

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