When Flowers are Blooming…

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…that means things are well on their way to a really awesome summer garden!

Lots of flowers mean really good weather conditions that create beautiful flowers in my flower beds and a multitude of flowers in my vegetable beds means lots of veggies coming soon!!



These purple perennials come back every year in my front beds.  The first year, when the flower died, I cut it all the way back and that was it for the year.  Then a gardener told me to only cut back to the last flower and hope for another round of flowers.  Guess what?  It worked and I got another round of beautiful purple glory that year!



Here are some of the beautiful flowers in my front bed…



Poppies in full bloom!!!



Iris’, like poppies, don’t last long but are beautiful while they are in bloom!



Yayy…Flowers on my tomato plants…fingers crossed!!



Cammomile tea anyone??



Even the thyme has flowers (even though my lemon balm is trying hard to crowd it out!!)