Zucchini Flowers in the Garden

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They are beautiful!!

It is so nice to go to the garden and see such beautiful, colourful flowers when all you expected was vegetables!

I will do a post on frying these beauties, but in the meantime, let me explain how to harvest them.

These grow as your zucchini are growing.  For those of you that have ever planted a zucchini plant, you know how many zucchini you get…hence, you will get many, many, many flowers!

The flower in the picture above is beautiful (and can be used) but what you are looking for is a flower that is not quite open as this.  But, more importantly, you are looking for a “male” flower.  These are the flowers that grow on a stem (as opposed to the flowers that grow at the end of the zucchini…those are the female flower).  They are usually easier to pick because they tend to grow straight upward, where the female plants attached to the zucchini are closer to the bottom…isn’t nature amazing?


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Each plant only needs one male plant to keep the females happy (again…nature is amazing! Lol!!!).  Choose flowers that are mature but not wrinkled (it’s hard to open them when they start to close as the leaves are so delicate).  You can see in the picture above that the flowers that are ready are just starting to open but still somewhat closed at the bottom…easiest to stuff.

If you are picking them from your garden (that I am hoping you haven’t sprayed!), there is no need to wash them (you can’t really wash these because they are so delicate).  You can get these flowers from the market as well, but just make sure they haven’t been sprayed!

Also, make sure you check the insides for spiders and bugs before you stuff them (just making sure you don’t get added protein when you don’t need it!!)

When you open them to stuff, you will see the stamen inside.  You may be tempted to remove it, but it will soften in the cooking process, so it’s not necessary.

So, go ahead and try these…you will be hooked and will find yourself planting zucchini for the rest of your life!!

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