Work with Suzie Durigon

So, you want to Work with Suzie Durigon?

Let’s start here… Email her at ju********@gm***.com

But, if you want to know more about me, I will tell you that I am a trained chef who has spent over two decades as culinary instructor. Having said that, you can count on me to know almost anything about food. As a self-described culinarian, I have been trusted by many companies to create recipes and am a trusted voice in all things cooking/baking and eating!

Some of the things I can do for you are:

  • Brand Ambassador Work and Brand Spokesperson 
  • Live Cooking Demoes
  • Sponsored Travel Events 
  • Recipe Development
  • Speaking Engagements


Just Crumbs was created in December of 2013 as a place to house my recipes for my family and friends. But, it has grown into a wonderful place where people who love to cook and bake come to find happiness…and food!

Work with Suzie Durigon