How to Have the Most Creative Halloween Ever!!

Has Halloween snuck up on you again??

When my kids were kidlets, I was in full Halloween mode beginning the day after Canadian Thanksgiving. The decorations would get more scary, the mood would get more dark (or as dark as a mama could get without freaking out her kids) and the food would get more fun.

I mean, who wouldn’t want to eat a cupcake that looks like a bleeding brain.?

Like, come on!

But, now that they’re grown (and I live on a farm where I don’t get any more kiddies coming to the door), I have to make an extra effort to get into the fun.

The best way I know how to keep in the Halloween spirit is to get into the kitchen and play with my food!

If you want to pique your interest, take a look at last year’s creativity (click on this link here)

Aaaand, (insert drum roll), here is what my “adult ADD brain” came up with this year…

From the opening picture, you can see that I whipped up a batch up cupcakes and tried to make as many different themed cupcakes that I could with what I had on hand…and these are what became of the naked chocolate cupcakes…

A spooky ghost which is covered in marshmallow fluff, topped with a large marshmallow and covered with more fluff.  Then I torched it to make my ghost look old…or spooky…or both!   Then, on a piece of parchment, I took some melted chocolate in a small freezer bag, snipped the ends and piped out eyes and a mouth (the teeth are chocolate sprinkles!)

Next, I covered a few cupcakes with white icing, dipped them in green sprinkles, placed 2 orange melts for eyes and 2 mini M&M’s for pupils…the mouth is just a squiggle of red gel…

Bleeding eyeballs? No problem…

A blue melt with a red M&M pupil has a bit of streakiness from a toothpick dabbed with red colouring paste and more red gell

Mummies are in the house with these cupcakes! Frosted with chocolate frosting, melted white chocolate piped in stripes and candy eyes to complete…easy peasy!

Cobweb construction is easy too! Just frost with white icing, pipe a circular pattern on top and drag a toothpick out from the centre out…done like dinner!

The kiddies want one-eyed monsters? Just cut a slit into the top of the cupcakes and insert vampire teeth from the dollar store. Frost with chocolate frosting and add a chocolate sprinkle “beard”. Finally, add one red melt for the eye, a green mini M&M and a dot of black gel.

The grossness factor is easy to get when you have gummy worms!!  Cupcakes topped with frosting of your choice, topped with crumbled Oreo cookies and topped with more worms!

How about some witch fingers? You can make them out of shortbread cookie dough but this is waaay easier! Using large pretzel rods, dip them into green chocolate wafers that have been melted; use a fork to make the knuckles, push an almond into the top of each rod and let harden.  For extra creepiness, rub some yellow food colouring onto each nail and squeeze some red gel onto the cuticles!

Want another easy one? Get some yogurt covered pretzels from your bulk store and get a few white chocolate chips (or chocolate melts).  Fill in the top 2 parts of the pretzel with some melted white chocolate and top with candy eyes…done!!

The cutest, right??

And how about breakfast on Halloween?? If you have some toast, spreadable cheese, an avocado and some olives, you can make this “spooktacular” avocado toast for the kids (plus it’s a healthy way to balance all the sugar they’ll be eating later!)

Can you guess what this is? A hotdog finger mac and cheese graveyard …

I know…I’m a slightly immature adult!  But it’s so much fun!!

And a regular burger can be the centre of attention on Halloween night with the addition of vampire teeth,  pimento stuffed green olives and a roasted pepper strip!!

And if you don’t want to turn the oven on, why not use store bought twinkies and store bought cream cheese icing (plus a couple of mini M&Ms) to make these treats that are “to die for”??

But, if you are willing to turn on the oven, all you need is some knife skills and you can make the funniest chicken pot pie ever!!!!

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