How to Keep the Kids Happy Over the Holidays!

I know the holidays are hard.

I know you have no time for “Martha Stewart” moments.

So, knowing that, I’m going to cut to the chase…

Let’s go straight into the deets of this post!!

There is so much to think about…where does one start?  How about at the table, where the thought of keeping everyone seated through the entire meal always seems like a struggle with little ones!

Why not try these cute Santa napkins?  Fold a red napkin into a long triangle and then for each napkin, cut 2 pieces of round, scalloped circles with a slit in the middle.  On the top, make a simple Santa face below the slit and then on the bottom piece, write each guest’s name; slide the tip of the napkin through the slit and place on each place setting!

And create a conversation piece with salad and dinner plates plus a few other place setting essentials.  Using a black cocktail napkin for the hat (and a knife for the rim), a folded red napkin for the scarf and the other cutlery for the arms; finish off with two peppercorns and a piece of carrot to complete Frosty!

Give away these cute uncooked shortbread cookie dough rolls (simply wrapped in parchment and tied at the ends) along with accompanying sprinkles contained in empty Christmas tree balls; tie with a ribbon and baking instructions!

And, how cute is this Nutella Tree?? Make it with the kiddies and watch it disappear!! Find the directions for this beauty here!

Did you know that rolling goat cheese in parmesan, stacking the balls (secured with a long skewer) and adorning it with a few extras (a thyme crown, peppercorn eyes and mouth, a carrot nose, clove buttons, a carrot scarf and parsley arms) makes the best cheese “ball”?

Want an even simpler cheese ball? How about coating small, bite-sized balls in a variety of things (think poppy seeds, paprika, chopped parsley, etc), poke with a small pretzel and serve with crackers!

And have you tried using aquafaba (the liquid from canned chickpeas that’s whipped into a meringue like foam and baked like real egg meringue)?  Well, why not make them into small snowmen?  Just be careful, you’ll have a crew of “broken men” if you’re not gentle!  If you want to give it a shot, you can find the recipe for baking aquafaba here!

And converting something regular, like your breakfast, into a kid friendly version is pretty easy.  This is about using wonton wrappers cut into festive shapes…

…and topping a breakfast smoothie with these spicy, crispy men!! Find the directions here!!

This cute idea makes a great little “day before Christmas” surprise for the little ones! Just print off tags like this and attach to a cello bag filled with rolled oats and cookie sprinkles (the more sparkles, the better!)…the kids will love it!!

Want to jazz up your Christmas breakfasts? Why not cut your potatoes into Christmas shapes using a cookie cutter and fry up until crisp?  Use the leftover pieces to boil into mashed potatoes!!

I love this idea! In a plastic lined baking pan, spread sweetened whipped cream (or even softened vanilla ice cream), freeze until solid and then cut into festive shapes with cookie cutters.  Return to the freezer and top your hot cocoa with these instead of marshmallows!!

And how cute is this idea for wrapping up money or gift cards?  Just tuck them in a mason jar and surround them with candy.  Tie with a bow and see their faces light up as they open up this surprise!!  

Sometimes, we just need to think like a 6 year old (like cutting simple brownies – even store bought – into triangles and piping melted green chocolate melts into tree shapes).

I think if we thought like a 6 year old from, say Dec 2nd to , say, January 5th, we’d ALL be happier.

What super ideas do you use to keep the kids happy??

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