Healthy Baby Kale Greek Salad

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Winter is generally a time that we go indoors, put on our “big clothes” and slow down.  It’s usually when we get a bit complacent about our weight management, or lack thereof.  We don’t really need to worry about bikini season (yet) and we focus more on hearty filling stews than light, healthy salads.

But, just because you can’t see what’s underneath that big blanket doesn’t mean we shouldn’t worry about it.  Having some nice, fresh, healthy salads in your recipe repertoire is always a good idea…especially when they keep for a few days.

On this platter above, there is the best broccoli salad,  a great tuna salad (with chopped celery, onion, a spoon of mayonnaise and some mashed avocado to get that creaminess without the added bad fats), a quinoa salad (cooked quinoa, chopped cucumber, tomatoes and sugar snap peas), and this aweseome baby kale salad.

Let’s whip up a batch of this healthy kale salad…then you can have as much cheese fondue and Bordeaux as you want (I’m pretty sure that’s a rule)…



1/2 pkg baby kale (about 4-6 cups)

1 small container (about 2 c) cherry tomatoes

1/2 jalapeno pepper, diced

3/4 c chopped feta cheese

1/4 c diced red onion

juice of half lemon

2-3 tbsp balsamic vinaigrette

Salt and pepper to taste




1.  Take the kale out and remove any thick stem pieces; chop the rest into very small pieces (kale is tough so small pieces are good); add to a large bowl.


IMG_20150208_1242142.  Cut your cherry tomatoes in half and add to your bowl.




3.  Finely dice the hot pepper and add to bowl.


Healthy Baby Kale Greek Salad Just Crumbs Blog by Suzie Durigon


4.  Add the onion and feta and toss; squeeze the lemon onto the salad and toss.  Drizzle with the balsamic dressing to taste.  Season with salt and pepper if you like.