Kitchen Hacks: Foolproof Method to a Perfectly Intact Egg Yolk

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Ever tried separating an egg?  Sure you have.

Have you ever tried separating an egg but keep the egg yolk in tack…only for it to break…and then for you to cry?

Sure you have.

But what if you need to crack that shell with a clean, sharp edge so when you separate it from shell to shell, the sharp edge doesn’t break your yolk and send you into a tizzy?  Sometimes, you need a bunch of egg yolks in tact (like if you are to attempt to make these egg yolk ravioli!)

Well, you could do it the easier way.  But if you don’t feel like getting your hands all dirty, try this:

Hold the egg firmly in one hand and take a small paring/steak knife and give the egg a whack…don’t be gentle.

It will give you a nice clean line to open it from and you will be amazed at how it gives you an almost perfect 2 halves every time.